Application & Registration

If you wish to apply for the academic year 2017-2018 you will have to get accepted by both programmes, meaning you will have to follow the regular application procedures of each programme. You can find the deadlines for application on the websites of the participating programmes:

  • Arts and Culture Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences (EUC) and Codarts: the application starts in ‘Studielink’. Below the links to the programmes’ website with more information on the application procedure:
      o Arts and Culture Studies
      o Liberal Arts & Sciences (EUC) 
      o Codarts
  • Willem de Kooning Academy: the application starts with an application form. You can find the instructions here.

Please inform the RASL team after you applied in Studielink by sending an email to, including:

           o Your full name
           o Your student number
           o Programmes to which you applied

Selection process

Please note that each programme has specific admission requirements. You can find more information about the selection criteria on their websites. In addition to the selection procedure of the individual programmes we will schedule an interview (live or through Skype) during which both you and a representative of RASL will have the opportunity to check if your expectations for the RASL Double Degree meet.

Tuition fee

You will only have to pay ‘single’ tuition fee (for one programme only), however the tuition fee is dependent on the combination of studies. If you register for a Double Degree with Arts & Culture Studies the standard Dutch tuition fee is charged (2017-2018: 2006 Euro for EER-students). If you register for a Double Degree with Erasmus University College you will be charged EUC’s tuition fee (2017-2018: 4000 Euro for EER-students) for the full length of the programme, for more information about EUC’s tuition fee see their website.